​Music Therapy

ALFA is pleased to fund music therapy sessions each Tuesday at Sixth Street and the Farmstead with Music Therapist Elizabeth O'Dell.   This has been a great addition to programming and is a favorite event each week.

Friday Night Disco!

ALFA provides the DJ and Refreshments for the quarterly dance.   Program participants pick a theme and shop for decorations and snacks.  Volunteers help with serving and clean-up.  One of the most anticipated activities of the month! 

Culinary Arts

ALFA provides funds on a daily basis for food preparation at the program site.  Participants shop at  Tom's, our local grocery store, and prepare everything from tacos to chocolate chip cookies.

Bowling, Movies, Six Flags, Art Therapy, Weather Station, News 2 You , Trips to the Ball Park and More

ALFA is proud to provide meaningful educational and recreational opportunities to adults with intellectual  disabilities so that everyone can have a full and joyful life.  Trinity staff recommends activities geared to day and residential program participants individual tastes to provide value added activities and ALFA provides the needed funding.   


Opportunities abound for planting, harvesting and gardening at the Trinity Gardens and Farmstead in Mascoutah.  ALFA is proud to provide funding for supplies to help make this program possible.  Vegetables grown at Trinity supply the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program.  In addition to gardening, program participants fill bags for customers.  The Abilities program makes deliveries.